April 27, 2018

Nungak Bantukin A Thuam I Zuamnak Pakhat Ah A Tel Mipa Cu

National beauty contest ah Ilay Dyagilev nih nungak bantukin a thuam le zuamnak a va ngei ve nain a ho hmanh nih an thei kho lo.

National Beauty contest cu ram tam pi tel in zuamnak a ngei mi an si. A zuam mi muidawh cu minung 142 an si lai i a donghnak ah cun minung pa 6 lawng thim an si  lai.

Ilay cu minung tampi vialte kh tei hna in finalist minung 16 tiang ah khin a van i tel ve cu hnu ah cun pa a ka si tiah a chim hna.

Ref. Myanmar platform


  Vakok Daily News




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